This Nonprofit General Store Is Home To The Best Bakery In West Virginia

Where would you expect to find the best bakery in West Virginia? According to a competition hosted in 2022 by West Virginia Living, at least, you’ll find West Virginia’s best bakery (and West Virginia’s best place to work) inside a unique little general store and farmers market known as Wardensville Garden Market in (you guessed it!) Wardensville, West Virginia.

To learn more about the mission Wardensville Garden Market supports for Appalachian youth, or to plan a visit to this unique general store that houses the best bakery in West Virginia (or one of them, at least), head to the Wardensville Garden Market website or Facebook page. Is Wardensville a bit too much of a trip for you to make the trek to this unique bakery? Don’t worry! We’ve found just the spot to spend the night nearby.

Address: Wardensville Garden Market, 28813 WV-55, Wardensville, WV 26851, USA

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