These 10 Cities In West Virginia Are Best Prepared For Doomsday

The end is near. If you believe a lot of books and movies and religious leaders, that is. And with the way world events are going, who knows, maybe World War III will erupt soon.

In any event, it’s not a bad idea to prepare – or at least be in a place that has a good chance at being prepared. If any state in the country is prepared for the apocalypse, it’s the Mountain State. We’ve survived a chemical leak that contaminated our water, devastating coal mining accidents, train derailments, and a derecho storm that knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of us, just to name a few. The end of the world should be a piece of cake.

Here are the West Virginia cities that are best prepared to handle doomsday.

What do you think of this list? What West Virginia city would you want to be in at the end of the world?