The Ultimate Virginia Waterfalls Road Trip Is Right Here – And You’ll Want To Do It

The best part about road trips are the detours that let you pause for a moment and admire nature’s beauty. But have you ever taken a trip where these natural attractions are the destination? This time, we’re going on a quest for waterfalls. And Virginia has been blessed with many. For now, we’ve decided to focus on the mountainous/central portion of the state. This route will allow you to drive and trek to 8 incredible falls in a little over 7 hours — a reasonable amount of time for the perfect weekend-getaway.

What better way is there to get to know certain areas of Virginia than through incredible falls and cascades? And it just so happens that these waterfall sites are often part of a larger park system or area you’ll want to explore. So if you’ve got the time and aren’t afraid of a little splashing, your next adventure awaits you. An interactive version of the map can be found here.

The waterfalls in this region of the state are mesmerizing, tranquil, and picturesque. Take time to get to know each one and let us know what you think. We’d love to hear about your travels!

Here’s a link to an earlier article about some additional must-see falls.