These 7 Ghost Towns in Virginia Are Hauntingly Beautiful

When we think of ghost towns, we picture windblown wooden buildings in the wild west with broken, swinging shutters and boarded up windows. Or perhaps we envision archaic ruins with moss covered stones and ivy choking out what little life is left in the crumbling ruins. Virginia doesn’t have anything quite so dramatic, but we do have towns that have been abandoned – left to be reclaimed by nature. It’s hard to say why an entire community would leave an area. Oftentimes, the economy that drove the creation of the town dries up, or conditions just become too difficult. In the case of these 7 sites in Virginia, reasons ranged from harsh living conditions to economic downturn, but they all hold one things in common — and that is their fascinating histories. While the people that once breathed life into these areas may be long gone, their presence can still be felt in what remains.

I can’t help but be fascinated by the histories of these locations. I would love to know about more ghost towns or abandoned areas in Virginia. Tell us about any that you have visited – or better yet once lived in, in the comments below.

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