The Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, often abbreviated to the CBBT, is an impressive 23-mile link between Virginia Beach and the Eastern Shore. Since its construction in 1964, the bridge has seen over 100 million vehicles. While the bridge has a hefty toll, there’s no denying the architectural feat of traveling through an underwater tunnel. In fact, it’s one of only ten bridge-tunnels in the entire world.

Even if you routinely use the CBBT, you’ve probably never seen it from an aerial perspective. The drone footage in the video below offers a breathtaking vision of Virginia Beach and the tunnel itself. It’s from such great heights that you can truly marvel at the magnitude of the Bridge Tunnel. And the closing shot of the shoreline at sunset is truly spectacular. See what you think:

This brief video emphasizes both the natural beauty of the beach and the impressive structure of the bridge-tunnel. What did you think? Is the CCBT part of your daily commute? If you enjoyed this footage, you might also enjoy watching Nostalgic Footage Of Virginia Beach In 1975.

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