This Distubing Unsolved Mystery From Virginia Will Give You Goosebumps

The year was 1816. A young couple arrived in Virginia after having sailed through the Caribbean. Their ship docked into the Old Town Alexandria port at Prince Street. This well-to-do couple reserved a room at one of the most prestigious accommodations in town, City Hotel (later renamed Gadsby’s Tavern). Only their reason for staying was not one of leisure, but rather urgency – the beautiful woman was deathly ill.

Forever immortalized as the “Female Stranger,” the young woman passed away in the arms of her mourning husband in Alexandria. He commissioned a beautifully elaborate tombstone for her, yet kept her identity a secret. He fled town almost immediately after the death – perhaps all the way to New Orleans. So why was he so determined to keep her a “Female Stranger” and not reveal her name? Was the mourning just a ploy so that he could quickly escape town? These are questions without answers, yet there is plenty of speculation.

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