This Number One Unsolved Mystery In Virginia Will Leave You Baffled

If you’re a Virginia resident, it may be time to break out your metal detector.

Throughout the years, Virginia has been the scene of many unusual and unsolved mysteries. But none seem quite as compelling as Beale’s Treasure: a buried vault worth millions that could be hidden somewhere in Bedford County, Virginia. For over 200 years, no one has been able to crack the codes that National Geographic deemed some of the strongest passwords to have ever been created. Here’s how it all began:

In terms of unsolved mysteries, the Beale Treasure is a popular one with many theories. We may never know whether the meticulous efforts made by Thomas Beale were protecting treasure, or if this is all just one magnificent legend. No matter the case, the story itself is worth its weight in gold. Do you think the treasure exists? Comment below and share your thoughts! For more unsolved mysteries in Virginia, be sure to check out our previous unsolved mysteries article.