The Remnants Of This Abandoned Prison In Virginia Are Hauntingly Beautiful

What is about abandoned buildings that makes them so alluring? They may be slowly deteriorating, but they are undeniably beautiful. There are many abandoned buildings in Virginia, so seeing one is not altogether surprising. But every now and then, you’ll come across one that is particularly noticeable. For those who have seen the Western State Hospital in Staunton, you know this to be true. To be technical, Western State Hospital is not abandoned, but it did stand vacant for quite some time. Today the buildings have been renovated into condominiums. If you haven’t heard the story behind this historic landmark, prepare for chills.

Staunton’s Western State Hospital has a complex history that allows us to be grateful for the advanced understanding of mental illnesses treatment we have today. While there were many patients who endured suffering and loneliness within its walls, the building stands as a testament to the original desire to create a healing space for those inside. Have you visited Western State Hospital or know anything else about its unusual history?