Vermont’s Vermontasaurus Sculpture Might Just Be The Most Bizarre Piece Of Art You’ve Ever Seen

There are plenty of strange monuments in Vermont, like the World’s Tallest Filing Cabinet monument in Burlington, the statute of a Gorilla holding up a Beetle automobile in Leicester, or the giant middle finger monument erected on private property on Route 128 (Brown’s River Road) in Fairfax. But, these monuments may not even come close to winning the strangest monument in Vermont award — this slot is reserved for the Vermontasaurus, a structure of a dinosaur made from recycled wood and other scarp pieces.

What do you think of the Vermontasaurus? Do you think it’s the strangest monument in Vermont? Which other strange places in Vermont have you visited? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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Address: 104 Robinson Hill Rd, Post Mills, VT 05058, USA