This Steakhouse In Vermont Has A Twist You’ll Want To See For Yourself

There are lots of places to go to get a great steak in Vermont, but the Black Rock Steakhouse in Springfield has a unique twist. The steaks, seafood and chicken can all be cooked and served on a hot volcanic stone! There is something amazingly satisfying about having your meat cooking away in this manner and it certainly isn’t something you see every day. There are also wonderful side dishes and a huge salad bar so you know there is something for everyone. Let’s take a look at this steakhouse with a twist in VT that you’re sure to love.

Here’s another cool fact about Springfield. To promote The Simpsons Movie, various towns named Springfield competed to hold the movie premier and the town of Springfield, and Vermont was chosen as the winner!

This steakhouse with a twist in VT is simply awesome. If it’s a juicy steak you’re looking for elsewhere in the Green Mountain State, here are 12 mouth-watering steakhouses in Vermont.