Serving Incredible Drinks In Their Rustic And Funky Cafe, Muddy Waters In Vermont Looks Like Something Out Of Tolkien’s Imagined World

Stepping foot in Muddy Waters is a unique and distinctive experience. As you walk through their old, worn-out door and enter into the cafe, you immediately forget the world you just left behind. Upon entering, the exposed wood and brick interior will enchant you. Rustic smells and a low hum of collective chatter will fill the air and make the visitor be spellbound by its rustic and enchanting atmosphere.

Note: Cafés throughout Vermont may be closed or only offering limited services during this time. Please contact the establishment for more information regarding their business and opening hours.

Muddy Waters is a funky coffeehouse with rustic hardwood floors, exposed brick, and interspersed with green vegetation. Serving a great verity of coffee drinks, teas, and pastries, Muddy Waters is a truly unique and fascinating cafe in Vermont.

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Address: 184 Main St, Burlington, VT 05401, USA