Not Many People Realize That These 11 Things Are Actually Illegal In Vermont

Vermont is known for being open minded, but for a state that is known for its liberal views, these crazy laws may leave you a bit puzzled. While the laws themselves are strange, it makes us wonder what happened in the first place to make these things illegal. After all, the truth is often stranger than fiction. Here are some really weird laws in Vermont that will probably leave you scratching your head.

How many laws have you unknowingly broken? What are your favorite weird laws in Vermont? Let us know in the comments! You probably want to sharpen your knowledge of even more weird laws in Vermont right about now, too.

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Weird Laws In Vermont

July 28, 2021

What are some fun facts about Vermont?

No matter where you go in Vermont, you’ll be treated to jaw-dropping natural beauty – from magnificent mountains ranges to crystal clear lakes. If you’re a fan of the cold and the snow, you will absolutely love Vermont. After all, it gets downright frigid during the winter. The coldest temps in Vermont read -51 degrees Fahrenheit in Bloomfield in 1933. However, the hottest day on record was July 4, 1911. The temps soared to 105 degrees Fahrenheit on that Independence Day. Love a good fast food meal? Don’t visit Montpelier expecting to find the Golden Arches. It’s the only U.S. capital without a McDonald’s.

What are a few strange things about Vermont?

All states have some quirks, and Vermont is no different. These strange things about Vermont are part of what make it so charming. Did you know that Vermont was a separate country for a short period? Yep, from 1777 to 1791, Vermont was a separate entity from the United States. That might be why our beautiful, mountainous state also became the last in the country to get a Walmart. The mega-store opened in 1996. Snow certainly doesn’t get us down. In fact, Vermont is home to the fun and frigid sport of snow golf. It probably comes as absolutely no surprise – and really isn’t all that strange – that Vermont, which sits right by Canada, produces the most maple syrup in the U.S.

What are some oddly illegal things in Vermont?

Every single state has some of its very own downright strange laws. If you want to be a law abiding citizen, you’ll definitely want to know about some of the more strange illegal things in Vermont. Don’t even think about taking your clothes off in public. However, if you want to walk around naked, that’s cool (at least in some places). No matter how mad the court makes you, hold your tongue. If you’re caught calling it a kangaroo court, you face a $200 fine. What are your standing Saturday night plans? Well, if you live in Barre, they better include taking a bath. Failure to do so is, well, against the law.