The beautiful New England state of Vermont has many camping options, from luxury RV resorts to the most primitive camping spots in the backcountry of its national and state forests. Vermont may be a smaller state, but more than a million people enjoy its parks and 350,000 acres of natural areas each year. Even with all those extra bodies camping in Vermont is still a relaxing quiet experience that allows us to enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of nature in a very intimate way. Are you ready to discover the best campgrounds in Vermont? Let’s pack our gear and plan our next camping adventure in the Green Mountain State.

Best State Park Campgrounds in Vermont

We have a lot to choose from with so many wonderful state parks in Vermont that offer camping. Vermont has a very organized camping system in its state parks so it makes it easy to know what you are getting into before you come for a visit. Here are some of the best state park campgrounds in Vermont.

Best Beach Camping in Vermont

Some of the best Vermont campgrounds have wonderful camping beaches. Here are a few campgrounds on lakes and rivers that stand out as having really nice beaches.

Top Glamping in Vermont

Sometimes we like to enjoy a few creature comforts when we go camping. Especially if it tends to rain EVERY time you plan a camping trip. If that is the case, here are a few glamping options in Vermont that will treat you to an extra layer of comfort.

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Best RV Camping Sites in Vermont

If you love camping but enjoy a few modern conveniences like your own RV decked out with all the supplies you need, kayaks, ATVs, snowmobiles, mountain bikes, or a helicopter (what, you don’t have a helicopter on your RV?) Vermont has some pretty fun RV campgrounds to enjoy. We have good news if you have always wanted to go RV camping but didn’t know if it was for you. You can rent an RV from RVShare and try your hand at that ultimate Vermont road trip you’ve always dreamed about.

Best Primitive Tent Camping in Vermont

Camping in Vermont can be enjoyed in many different and wonderful ways. If you enjoy a true backwoods experience, these next few campgrounds will feel like you are up against the wilds of Vermont with only a pair of sticks to light a fire. (Even though you can still enjoy all of the best high-tech gear and cozy sleeping comforts as you wish)

With so many great options for camping in Vermont, it is hard to choose a favorite. But if you have one, share it with us in a comment. Perhaps if your go-to spot isn’t on our list of best campgrounds in Vermont we can add it.

Then, check out some of the best hiking trails in Vermont that pair nicely with many of these state parks and campgrounds.

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More Camping Options In Vermont

What are the most popular state parks in Vermont?

With 56 state parks, Vermont has plenty of options when it comes to enjoying the outdoors. And our state parks contain some of the best family campgrounds in Vermont. Here are a few of the most popular state parks in Vermont:


What time of year is best for camping in Vermont?

The best time of year for camping in Vermont is from May until October when most state parks and campgrounds are open for camping. There are year-round camping options available, and since Vermont is absolutely beautiful in the winter, a cold-weather camping trip is very rewarding if you have the right gear.

Where can I find secluded campgrounds in Vermont?

Secluded camping in Vermont can be found in any of its state forests. Backcountry camping comes with its challenges but it can be an incredible experience. If you aren't quite ready for primitive camping at its most extreme, many of the state parks offer secluded camping spots with a few more modern conveniences. A few rustic campgrounds include:

  • L.R. Jones State Forest, Plainfield, VT
  • Burnt Rock Mountain, North Fayston, VT
  • Coolidge State Forest, Plymouth, VT
  • Mathewson State Forest, Lyndonville, VT
  • Burton Island, St. Albans, VT

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