Visit Yuba State Park In Utah, A Hidden Gem Beach That Has Its Very Own Zip Line

Utah is largely a desert that’s surrounded by mountains. That landscape serves to accentuate the bodies of water that dot the state, including some man-made reservoirs. One of those is found in the middle of Utah as the centerpiece of Yuba State Park. The reservoir’s North Beach rewards visitors who are surprised to find such soft sand and warm water. The park also provides the bonus opportunity to ride a zip line.

Something of an urban legend accompanies the location of Yuba State Park. The park’s official address is in the town of Levan. There’s a myth that the town’s name stems from its position in the geographic middle of Utah and is “navel spelled backward.” That has been debunked, but it’s one way to help you find Levan on the map. For more information about visiting Yuba State Park, see the Division of Natural Resources website.

Address: Levan, UT 84639, USA

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