Sushi Groove In Utah Has Over 65 Different Rolls To Choose From

Sushi Groove is far from an ordinary sushi spot, but will soon become your go-to for all things sushi, music, and vibes. Located on Highland Drive in Salt Lake City, Utah, Sushi Groove serves up Utah’s freshest sushi with unique menu items and live music!

Sushi Groove is one of the rare places that takes a classic dish, puts a spin on it, and makes it even better. The atmosphere is fun and laid back, and it’s quite an experience to enjoy live music while colorful sushi rolls are passed around your table. Whether you are planning a birthday dinner, or just a new place to add to your sushi roster, Sushi Groove is one groovy place. Be sure to let us know what your favorite roll is!

Address: Sushi Groove, 2910 Highland Dr, Salt Lake City, UT 84106, USA