22 Ways You Can Always Spot Someone From Utah… No Matter Where They Are

Utahns are pretty amazing people but we have certain characteristics that set us apart from other Americans.

6) Lots of Utahns wear a ring that says CTR, which stands for Choose the Right. It’s a Mormon thing, but could just as easily refer to political leanings.

7) Utahns all have straight, white teeth. With the Osmonds as our role models, and a state full of dentists, it’s almost guaranteed.

8) We’ll defend the Utah Jazz vehemently — even though the rest of the country hates them.

14) By and large, Utahn’s aren’t drunks. But we often slur our words. “Mountains” is pronounced “moun’ns.” The city of Layton is “Lay-en.”

15) You’ll find Utah families with toddlers and babies everywhere, including bistros full of businesspeople during lunch on a weekday, fancy restaurants with dress codes and R-rated movies at 10:30 p.m..

16) When a Utahn gets TOO friendly, beware. He’s trying to add you to his downline. If you want to sell unregulated “supplements” or special juice that’s guaranteed to help you lose weight or cure cancer, then you’re in luck.


What other ways can you spot a Utahn? Let us know in the comments below.