This Little-Known Spot Hiding Under A Freeway In Utah Is Amazing

You know how sometimes you find something awesome in Utah, and you think, “I’m definitely not cool enough to do that?” Shoot the Tube, under the I-215 eastbound route near Parley’s Canyon, might be that kind of thing. It’s basically a large tube that carries water from Parley’s creek under the freeway and it acts as a slippery water slide when you block the water off. Hipsters and high schoolers have been doing it for years. Here’s how it works:

Check out this video posted on YouTube by Devin Supertramp:

Pretty amazing, right? I’ll probably never do it personally, but it sure looks like fun! If you’re a geek like me, while the cool kids are shooting the tube, you’ll be here – at this astounding Salt Lake Library. See ya there!

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