You Can See One Of The World’s Largest Open Pit Mines Right Here In Utah, And It’s A Sight To See

It’s hard to miss Rio Tinto Kennecott’s Bingham Copper Mine. The huge hole in the earth is more than 3,000 feet deep and 2.5 miles across, and it’s so large that it can be seen from space. The mine has long been a popular spot for tourists and locals alike to visit, but in 2014, a huge landslide closed the Visitor Center. Rio Tinto has just unveiled a brand new Visitor Center, and you’re going to want to plan a trip as soon as possible.

Learn more about the visitor experience at Rio Tinto by visiting its website. Do you remember visiting the previous Visitor Center, and do you plan on checking out the new one?

Utah has a rich mining history, and one of our favorite previous mining towns is Park City. Check out Historic Main Street on this mountain trolley.