This Hot Tub Hideaway In The Middle Of Nowhere In Utah Is The Stuff Of Bucket List Dreams

There’s nothing better than relaxing in Utah’s great outdoors…especially if you can do it while soaking in a hot tub! There’s a place in Monroe that offers a different kind of “hot tub,” and it allows you to soak your cares away while enjoying a fabulous view. Here’s everything you need to know about planning a fabulous trip to Mystic Hot Springs in Utah.

For more information, visit Mystic Hot Springs’ website. Have you visited Mystic Hot Springs in Utah? Tell us what you thought of your visit!

Here’s another place in Utah that’s perfect for outdoor relaxation – check out these houseboats at Lake Powell!

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Address: Monroe Hot Springs Resort, Monroe, UT 84754, USA
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January 05, 2022

Does Utah have any other hot springs?

Absolutely! If you’re someone who appreciates soaking their cares away in natural hot springs, Utah will not disappoint. In addition to Mystic Hot Springs, Fifth Water Hot Springs in Utah (also known as Diamond Fork Hot Springs) is a fantastic option. What makes this hot springs destination so remarkable is the fact that you can actually hike to it. The trail measures just over two miles and will follow the natural spring water as it makes its way to a soaking pool and waterfall. The mineral from the springs gives the water an almost otherworldly shade of blue. It’s something you’ll just have to see to believe! Understandably, this is a popular destination in both the summer and winter months. Learn more about planning your visit to this incredible hot springs destination in Utah.

What are the top natural wonders in Utah?

The Beehive State has so many natural wonders that pinpointing the best is somewhat of a daunting task. Of course, that’s what we love to do! One of our top recommendations for the best natural wonders in Utah is Goblin Valley and Goblin’s Lair. This relatively little-known destination is the definition of otherworldly. Exploring the strange “goblin” rock formations at Goblin Valley State Park, you’ll feel like you’ve arrived on another planet altogether. Next up on our list would be Snow Canyon, a modest state park that shines as brightly as any of Utah’s more famous outdoor spaces. The unique geologic formations you’ll find at Snow Canyon will remind you of Bryce Canyon National Park, with fewer crowds, of course. Some other natural wonders in Utah worth seeking out include Mirror Lake, Little Wild Horse Canyon, Wind Cave, Angel’s Landing, Brighton Lakes, and Golden Cathedral. How many of these incredible natural wonders in Utah have you seen?

OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article.

Address: Monroe Hot Springs Resort, Monroe, UT 84754, USA