These 15 Bizarre Natural Phenomena Around The U.S. Are Too Weird For Words

America is a weird place. Don’t get me wrong – it’s a wonderfully weird place. With all the incredible beauty we’ve got going on, nature was bound to throw a little kookiness in there for good measure. From rainbow swamps to blue-skinned people, and even places where gravity seems to work in reverse, this great land offers us a full buffet of the most bizarre and mysterious quirks of nature. Check out these strange phenomena around the U.S. and prepare to be left more than a little shocked.

15. The Mystery Spot in Michigan

If you’re into weird, slightly hokey and definitely entertaining roadside attractions, then the Mystery Spot has what you’re looking for. Stop by and be astounded by gravity-defying phenomena, such as water running uphill; people standing tall, but also seemingly sideways; and sitting straight (and yet not straight at all) in your seat – an act that will perplex and awe you for sure. While the effects are usually attributed to optical illusions and subtly tilted environments, it’s hard to deny that this place feels magical. Check out this video for an incredible peek into the Mystery Spot.

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