The California Mendocino Wildfire Is Now The Largest In State History

The Mendocino blaze currently raging in California is now officially the largest wildfire in state history.

On Tuesday, August 8, two separate wildfires joined together to form one massive conflagration. It covers 443 square miles and is under 33 percent contained.

Predictions from the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, or Cal Fire, suggest that the wildfire will continue to sweep across Northern California and will keep burning all the way through the start of September.

Just how big is this fire? Current estimates place it at around the size of the city of Los Angeles. It has destroyed 75 homes and is one of 18 different wildfires currently burning in California.

Thousands have been forced to evacuate and a state of emergency has been declared. Just under 4,000 fire personnel are battling the flames. Cal Fire attributes the increase in wildfires to the harsh droughts that have plagued the state for the last few years.