This New Map Will Show You America’s Ghost Network Of Abandoned Railroads

This new Google map shows America’s hidden network of abandoned railroads.

Created by transit enthusiast Andrew Grigg, the map pieces together all the fragmented railroad lines and old train routes that have been lost to history over the years. Many were deserted and left to weather the elements, while others have been transformed into lush footpaths for unwitting pedestrians.

For the past two years, Grigg has been dedicated to locating and charting every piece of abandoned railroad in America and plotting them on this fascinating map. Through his work, it’s possible to see how old railroads once crossed through places where modern-day highways, shopping malls and housing developments now stand. Some even pass through old mining ghost towns that have been deserted or even flooded by dam creation.

The best part of this map is that you can zoom in and discover old railroads near where you live. Grigg has invited the public to contribute to this unique map, and more than 50 people have added previously uncharted railroad tracks to his atlas.

Check out the dynamic map below or click here to view it in full Google Maps mode.