Here Are The 5 Best Cities In America To Visit When You’re Traveling Solo

Wanting to explore America but don’t have a travel companion who is ready to join in on the journey? No worries! You can totally have the time of your life traveling solo. Traveling alone allows you the opportunity to reflect on your personal interests and needs, grow personally, seeing how you relate to the area and the world without the influence of another, and just feeling comfortable in your own skin. Of course, you’ll want to make sure the place of your choosing has the needed elements of safety, accessibility, friendliness, and the activities and attractions you want to experience. Here are 5 cities to visit that meet that criteria:

Have you ever been a solo explorer, and if so, where did you go and what do you think about your experience overall? Would you travel to any of these places unaccompanied, and are there other locations in the U.S. you would add to this list? For related content, here are 16 reasons traveling through the U.S. is better than anywhere else on earth.