It’s Impossible To Forget These 5 Horrific Winter Storms That Have Gone Down In Texas History

Harsh winter weather isn’t exactly a typical thing here in Texas, so we definitely remember the times when it does happen. A few rare years have brought huge blizzards or ice storms that we’ll never forget – they caused destruction and death, and have left a lasting mark on the Lone Star State. Here are five of the absolute worst winter storms in Texas:

Take a look at a few of the storms in action:

Here’s the Panhandle Blizzard (the video shows Kansas as well since the storm was widespread):

…and the San Antonio snowstorm:

…and the Houston storm:

Do you remember any of these storms? What other blizzards or ice storms have devastated Texas over the years? For some more pleasant instances of snowfall in Texas, check out 9 Times Snow Transformed Texas Into The Most Beautiful Scenery.

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Worst Winter Storms In Texas

February 15, 2021

How often does it snow in Texas?

Texas is not known to be a very snowy state. According to data gathered by the NOAA, most of the Lone Star State gets less than an inch of snow per year on average. West Texas, in places like Amarillo and El Paso, gets more snow than the rest of the state – some areas receiving over 10 inches of snow each year on average. Areas like the Gulf Coast and South Central Texas often get no snow at all. Overall, most of Texas gets snow around or less than one day per year, making it quite rare when it gets a lot of snow.

What years have there been the coldest temperatures in Texas?

When you consider that the average winter temperature for many areas of Texas is around 50 degrees, temperatures below freezing definitely stand out. There have been some truly chilling moments in the state’s history, however, that go far below not only freezing but zero degrees. In both 1899 and 1933, Texas recorded incredibly low temperatures that have stuck in the record books. The lowest temperatures recorded those days – in Tulia, Texas in 1899 and Seminole, Texas in 1933, both in February – was -23 degrees F. Now that’s cold!

Is Texas a good place to visit in the winter?

When there isn’t the most snow ever recorded in Texas, it’s quite a nice place to visit in the winter. With fairly mild temperatures and little-to-no snowfall in normal years, there are plenty of options of things to do. Usually, you don’t have to bundle up to head outside and enjoy one of the many activities, nature areas, and other fun happenings in the Lone Star State. If you need some reasons to decide whether to spend winter in Texas or not, here is a fun article highlighting all the reasons to, or not to, depending on how you look at it.

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