17 Underrated Places In Texas To Take An Out-Of-Towner

Let me set the scene for you. A family member or close friend is flying in from, I don’t know, Germany (aka they know nothing about Texas aside from stereotypes), and you’re freaking out trying to decide where to take them to really show them what our state is all about. You’re completely justified in your panic – after all, our state is huge. It can be overwhelming just deciding on the next family vacation when you’ve lived here your entire life! But your worry ends here. We’ve gone straight to the core, leaving off well-known tourist traps and delving into the nitty gritty, no frills, true essence of Texas that will leave your visitor pleasantly surprised. Here are 17 totally underrated places in Texas to take someone who’s seeing our great state for the very first time.

Have you ever taken a visiting out-of-stater to any of these places? Where else in Texas would you take a friend or family member who isn’t from here? Let us know in the comments!