Multiple Dead, Dozens Hospitalized As Tornados Rip Through East Texas

At least five people are dead in Texas after a cluster of powerful tornadoes ripped through rural areas east of Dallas.

The tornadoes made landfall around 5 p.m. on Saturday. They cut a devastating course through the region, uprooting trees and crushing homes as they traveled.

The city of Canton felt the brunt of the storm’s power, though the whole of Van Zander County seemed to be hit especially hard by the killer storms.

Dozens are reported to be injured and some residents are still missing. At least 13 people across the south have lost their lives as a result of the storms so far.

At least three tornadoes were reported to have touched down by the National Weather Service, though even areas that didn’t see the appearance of a fully-fledged tornado suffered extensive storm damage.

Schools in Canton and Fruitvale have been converted to triage centers in order to aid injured residents. Search and rescue teams are out surveying the damage and looking for survivors.

Take a look at this video by Brian Davidson via The Weather Channel of the incredible damage :

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