The Magical Polar Express Train Ride In Texas Everyone Should Experience At Least Once

“All aboard! This is the Polar Express!” We all recognize that line from the iconic Christmas movie about the little boy who takes a magical train ride to the North Pole. Thanks to Texas State Railroad in Palestine, you too can have that experience this year. They recreate the film impeccably, paying attention to every last detail so you’ll truly believe you’ve stepped into the story and are on your way to meet Santa Claus. From dancing chefs serving hot chocolate to getting your very own sleigh bell from the big man himself, the experience will make your holiday season the most memorable one yet.

The Polar Express train runs through December 23, and tickets can be purchased here. As of right now, none of the dates are completely sold out yet, so you’d better get to booking before they are! The address is Palestine Station, Park Road 70, Palestine, Texas 75801.

Have you ever ridden on the Polar Express train? Was it just as magical as it is in the movie?