The 2020 Peach Truck Tour Will Bring The Most Mouthwatering Fruit Right To Texans This Year

Nothing beats a fresh Georgia peach in the summertime, and you can sink your teeth into one without ever leaving your house. The Peach Truck, a Nashville-based company, is going on a cross-country trip delivering peaches to 11 states — including Texas. You can even get the juicy, succulent fruits shipped straight to your door!

Visit the truck’s website or Facebook page to order a box or see if a city near you is on the tour list.

Have you ever ordered from The Peach Truck? If so, do the peaches live up to the hype? Let us know your thoughts, and check out our previous article to see where you can pick your own ripe, delicious fruits: Frolic Through A 5-Acre Sunflower Trail At Froberg’s Farm In Texas.

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Address: Texas, USA