There’s Something Special About These 15 Texas Farms From The Past

It’s no secret that people lived much simpler lives a hundred years ago. Country folk may have led the simplest lives of all – waking up at dawn, milking the cows, gathering eggs from the hens, sitting down to a big, home-cooked family breakfast, spending the remainder of the day tending the fields, and starting all over again the next morning. They were perfectly content without any of the modern luxuries and stressors we’re so accustomed to today, and I think we all envy that unconditional happiness a little bit. At the very least, we’re curious about what rural life was like way back when – so here are some snapshots of farms in the 1930s to give you a glimpse of a slower paced, easygoing way of life.

All in all, everything about farm life in the early 1900s was just done on a much smaller scale with more attention to detail and a more laid back style of living. Looking back at photos like these makes us wonder whether our vast change of pace in current times, although providing us with more money and advances in certain areas of life, is worth all the stress that accompanies it compared to easygoing rural life. What are your thoughts on life on the farm way back when compared to today? What do you think about these photos? Share your comments with me below!

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