Texas’ Most Hidden Swimming Hole Is Only Open For One Weekend A Year

It’s hard to find a swimming hole in Texas that isn’t packed from May to September, but we may have done just that. Independence Creek Preserve is a pristine oasis hidden away in the desert town of Sheffield, and it’s often only open to the public for one weekend the entire year. The Preserve is owned by The Nature Conservancy, a nationwide nonprofit protecting cherished pieces of natural history in the United States. With freshwater water sources becoming increasingly rare, the conservancy preserves this precious landmark and uses it for educational purposes and other non-invasive practices.

See for yourself:

For more information, visit The Nature Conservancy’s website or Facebook page.

Have you ever been to Independence Creek Preserve? If not, are you planning on making the trip this weekend? Let us know all about your past experiences and future plans! Check out our previous article to learn about more swimming holes in Texas – they might be a bit more crowded, but still undeniably worth a trip.

Address: Independence Creek, Texas 77833, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

Swimming Holes in Texas

August 29, 2022

Where else can you go swimming in Texas?

Luckily for those that aren’t able to get access to Independence Creek Preserve, there are lots of other swimming holes around the state.

Visit the Hamilton Pool Preserve in Travis County, Texas for an unforgettable swimming hole experience. You’ll need to make advanced reservations because this is another competitive spot, but it’s open for more than one weekend a year so you have a much better chance of getting in. The beautiful blue-green waters of this pool are tucked under a cliff overhang that gives the area the feel of a Caribbean beach. There’s a small plot of sand and then just cool, rich water to be enjoyed.

Nature lovers can hike around and even under the cliff to work up a sweat before their swim. Take a guided hike to learn more about the geological history of the region from park professionals and learn how to spot local flora and fauna in the region surrounding the pool. Other educational programs are also available and picnic tables can be found on-site for family lunches.

Address: Independence Creek, Texas 77833, USA