The 13 Most Jaw Dropping Photos Taken In Texas In 2015

Throughout the year, readers have been kind enough to send in amazing photos they’ve taken that capture different elements of our state with stunning clarity. We give a huge thanks to everyone who contributed and can’t wait to see what y’all have in store for us next year. Here are 13 of our favorite pictures from 2015.

2015 was full of some amazing views in Texas, and again, thank you to all the amazing photographers who captured them and were kind enough to share their work with us. A picture truly is worth a thousand words – so pictures of Texas must be worth a million! We are so lucky to live in such a diverse, beautiful state. What do you think of these photos? Do they make your heart swell with pride for the Lone Star State? If you have any pictures you’d like to contribute, feel free to submit them to our Facebook page. Happy New Year!