The Highest Road In Texas Will Lead You On An Unforgettable Journey

Whoever says Texas is flat and boring…this one’s for you.

West Texas is chock-full of enchantment. We have the Chisos Mountains of Big Bend, the Franklins in El Paso, the Davis in Fort Davis, and an abundance of wide open land throughout the area. With all these natural wonders, it’s impossible not to feel immensely blessed to live in such a beautiful state.

Arguably the most remote, isolated place in Texas is the stretch of Highways 62 and 180 that travel up the Guadalupe Mountains, or the site of the absolute highest elevation in the state (8,750 feet!) Obviously the road doesn’t lead all the way to the top, but it’s still by far the highest thoroughfare in Texas.

Check out this awesome video that takes you on a virtual road trip up the highway. You’ll be completely and totally mesmerized.

All we have to say is WOW. Talk about wanderlust!

Have you ever driven on this road? What about any of these scenic drives in Texas? Are you just as anxious to hop in the car and get on the road as we are? Let us know your thoughts!