What Just Happened In Texas Shows How Unforgiving Mother Nature Can Be

Squirreled away in our air conditioned homes and offices it’s easy to feel removed from nature, that is until Mother Nature demands our attention like she did yesterday after dumping a hefty series of rainstorms on New Braunfels, Texas residents.

Flooding, high lake levels, river rescues, and evacuations were just a few of the concerns on our radar as a result of Tuesday’s downpours. As one Facebook user pointed out, “High water is no joke.” One look at this footage captured yesterday and you’ll agree.

“That was my dad’s jeep and he just parked there and there was no rain or flooding at all he just parked there to go for a bike ride and came back and that happe[ned],” Facebook user Victoria Whitney commented.

Luckily, nobody was in the Jeep and no injuries were reported at the scene. Nevertheless, it’s pretty terrifying to watch and it happened so quickly. Have you ever had a scary incident with high water? Let us know in the comments below.