The Harry Potter Feast In Texas This Fall That Will Put A Spell On Your Taste Buds

If you’ve ever seen Harry Potter, you’ll recall the scenes in which the students of Hogwarts are feasting in the dining hall. The food is delicious and endless, and the atmosphere is nothing short of magical. What if we told you that you could take part in such a meal? Thanks to Chef Paul Schroeder of Seguin, the possibility is all too real. He’s putting on a “Wizard’s Feast” both next month and early next year that promises an enchanting night of food, drinks, costumes, and activities all designed to make you feel as if you’ve stepped through platform 9 & 3/4 right into Hogwarts.

Unfortunately, so many people were excited about the feast that next month’s is already sold out! No worries, though, tickets for the spring are already being sold – just keep up with the chef on his Facebook page.

Seguin still has plenty to offer this Halloween! How about visiting one of the country’s most haunted hotels? Click here for more information.

Are you interested in the Wizard’s Feast? Who would you dress up as?