What Just Showed Up In Rowlett, Texas May Haunt Your Dreams Forever

If spiders make you run for the hills, you may have some trouble getting to sleep tonight after reading this article. (Just a fair warning.) However, the spiders that formed a giant communal web in Lakeside Park in Rowlett have drawn a huge crowd as people gather to take pictures and witness this rare occurrence.


Created by thousands of spiders, experts believe the rare phenomenon occurred due to the overabundance of insects in the area that the spiders catch as prey. They work as a team to catch food in the intricate webs, which span hundreds of feet, extend 40 feet in the air, and wrap around entire trees.

This web is located near a lake, which is the perfect home for midges and mosquitoes. Due to the large population of these bugs, the spiders began to form the web to trap the insects. The web was created by a type of long-jawed spider, which are not a threat to humans.

The picture above doesn’t do the web justice, so for a more thorough look at this amazing and rare phenomenon, watch this video below:

So, would you go to this park to see this incredible sight for yourself? Let us know in the comments!