The Hidden Texas Castle, Falkenstein Castle, Makes You Feel Like You’re In A Fairy Tale

When we think about castles, we picture elusive buildings on European mountaintops that might as well be figments of our imagination. We certainly don’t even entertain the possibility that there could be one hiding in our own state – but that’s exactly true here in Texas. Falkenstein Castle is located in Burnet, and it truly is one of the most magnificent man-made hidden gems in the state – perhaps even the best castle in Texas!

Have you ever been to Falkenstein Castle? Would you visit, or are you perhaps interested in planning an event on its grounds? Keep in mind, that as a private residence you may not be able to get close for photos, but there are ways to see it from afar. Your best bet is to follow along on Facebook to see if they are hosting any events.

Whet your whistle for the magic and fantastical with a visit to few other beautiful castles in Texas.

Address: Park Rd 4 S, Burnet, TX 78611, USA
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best castle In Texas

November 22, 2019

Can you spend the night in a castle in Texas?

Although you can’t spend the night at the Falkenstein Castle, you CAN spend the evening at the beautiful Lambermont Castle in San Antonio. The castle itself has a rich history, one that dates all the way back to 1894. Once built as a private residence, it has now become known as an event venue and a decadent place to stay. It’s a perfect spot to hide away from the wild and crazy during the heat of the holidays, so make sure you book a room early. Lodging starts at $150 a night and it makes for a memorable castle getaway in Texas.

Are there any abandoned castles in Texas?

Shockingly enough, there’s a whole handful of castles in Texas, but a large amount of them are not abandoned. You can visit the Captain Charles Schreiner Mansion in Kerrville, or the famed Pemberton Castle in Austin, but both of them have been revamped and renovated for safety. The Texas Military Institute Castle in Austin is a dream, as is the beautiful Galveston gem, Trube Castle, built in 1890.

What is the largest castle in Texas?

The largest castle in Texas is Newman’s Castle, a stunning structure tucked away in the heart of rural Texas. It boasts a moat, dungeon, and even a drawbridge! It’s a private residence, and opened in 2006 to visitors after a long period of construction. For $20 a person, you can visit one of the largest castles in Texas.

Address: Park Rd 4 S, Burnet, TX 78611, USA