19 Undeniable Differences Between The East And West Sides Of The Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex

Dallas and Fort Worth may be sister cities located within 35 miles of one another, but don’t make the mistake that they are the same. These two anchors and surrounding cities and towns form the fourth most populated area in the country. However, a quick trip down one of the interstates connecting the east and west ends of the mighty Metroplex shows how very different the areas are. Here are 19 undeniable differences between the two in terms of history, personality, culture, and even lifestyle:

City leaders showed great wisdom in building the Dallas – Fort Worth International Airport in the Irving area, which is centrally located between the two cities. Also, The Dallas Cowboys Stadium and Texas Rangers Ball Park are in a more neutral spot in Arlington. While each city has distinctly different personalities and goals, locals agree that there’s nothing better than living in the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex!

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