Why A Horribly Creepy Clown May Appear On Your Doorstep If You Live Around Dallas – Fort Worth

Clowns can be really creepy. Seeing one doesn’t always bring back happy childhood memories. Coulrophobia, or a fear of clowns, is a major phobia for many of us. It’s a pretty pervasive fear, and popular shows such as “American Horror Story” and several movies feature ghoulish clowns, which only adds to the love-hate relationship we have with them. Plus, Halloween is at the end of the month, so all sorts of things horribly creepy and macabre are in full swing. But clown sightings around Dallas – Fort Worth are becoming more common … in a funny-but-not-funny sort of way. See how this business showcases its clown act:

You can see the creepy clown in action in the video from Hurts Donut Co. :

Go ahead and clown around with some donuts delivered in a very unique way!

Would you enjoy a special delivery by this creepy clown? Or would this totally give you nightmares? Have you received delicious treats from this frightening delivery clown? Let us know in the comments!

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