Someone Flew A Drone High Above Texas And Captured The Most Breathtaking Footage

If you’ve lived in Texas for a while, chances are you’ve been to Austin a number of times. It’s the capital of our state, so not only does it contain the gorgeous Texas State Capitol building (which is bigger than the nation’s Capitol in D.C., for the record), but is a melting pot of cultures, races, genders, and cuisines.

As amazing as Austin is, it’s difficult to see the entire city due to the rapid influx of traffic that it’s seen in the past few years. Driving around leisurely to take in the sights without a specific destination in mind is nearly impossible. For this reason, you’ve probably never seen Austin like you’re about to. This drone footage (captured by Charlie Kaye) shows ALL of the city in all its glory, from towering skyscrapers to eclectic food trucks to the beautiful Lady Bird Lake.

I could play this on repeat all day. What about you? For more incredible drone footage of Texas, click here, here, and here.