Most People Don’t Know About This Underrated Zoo Hiding In Tennessee

Zoos are always an exciting way to spend the day. Seeing all of the happy animals frolic around is simply adorable. To get a chance to see exotic creatures, you *could* travel halfway around the world to see them in their natural habits, or, you could simply head to this little-known zoo in Eastern Tennessee. With a diverse collection of animal exhibits, Brights Zoo is one underrated Tennessee attraction you will want to visit.

You can find so many more animals at Brights Zoo in Eastern Tennessee. With so many fun creatures you are sure to find plenty of reasons why a day spent with these animals is time well spent. For any more information on the Brights Zoo please visit the website and plan your next trip. 

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Address: Brights Zoo, 3425 US-11E, Limestone, TN 37681, USA

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