This Hidden City In Tennessee Held One Of The World’s Most Closely-Guarded Secrets

Government conspiracies, cover-ups, and secret military operations are all things that certainly can pique our interest. It is the same reason people constantly wonder what is really going on in Area 51. In Tennessee, there was a little farming town that transformed overnight into one of the biggest and most secret military operations on U.S. soil. Here’s more about the small town of Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and its significance with the end of World War II.

Oak Ridge, Tennessee, will forever be linked to the end of WWII. Today, the site had been used to further the boundaries of science and technology is home to a few museums. The secret is out and the history is being shared with anyone who wants to come and see just what happened nearly 100 years ago in a hidden TN city that wasn’t even on the map yet. For more information, please visit the Explore Oak Ridge website

Here in Tennessee, if you want to continue learning about history, the Sgt. Alvin C. York State Park is a place you will want to visit. 

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Address: Oak Ridge, TN, USA