This Humble Little Restaurant In Small Town Tennessee Is So Old Fashioned, It Doesn’t Even Have A Website

East Tennessee has some of the world’s most breathtaking views. Watauga Lake with its glistening waters, The Cherokee Mountains that line the horizon, and Roan Mountain which is deemed the prettiest part of the Appalachian Trail — all of these wonderful sights are held in the corner of our state. When you are traveling the roads with all of these views you may stumble upon a little BBQ restaurant in Roan Mountain, Tennessee.

With amazing prices, big portions, and friendly staff, this little BBQ restaurant in Roan Mountain, Tennessee, has some serious southern charm. They may not have a website, but you can visit it yourself to see just how great this humble restaurant is. Remember there can only be one Highlander BBQ!

When you are in the area you will want to hike up to see the views from Roan Mountain, we highly suggest it.   

Address: Highlander BBQ, 8315 US-19E, Roan Mountain, TN 37687, USA

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