Old Hickory Lake Is The Oldest Lake In Nashville And Is A Beautiful Piece Of Living History

Nashville is a jewel of a town tucked away in the lush natural landscape of Middle Tennessee, and it boasts a handful of beautiful geographical spaces. The topography of the state is quite varied, with the lowlands of the Mississippi to the west and the craggy mountains of the Smokies to the east, but it’s in Middle Tennessee that you’ll find rolling hills and stunning fields. Old Hickory Lake is located right in the heart of the state and it’s surrounded by parks and forests that make it one of the most beautiful natural places to visit. Gorgeous and expansive, it also has a history as deep as it is wide. Curious? Check it out below!

Make sure to check out the Old Hickory Lake official website if you’re looking for a full list of access points and parks.

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Address: Old Hickory Lake, Tennessee, USA