You’ve Never Seen The Nashville Skyline Like This Before – It’s Amazing

We love Nashville. It’s recently had its time in the sun, with all that crazy news talk and us being the most fantastic city in the United States, but you know, whatever. NYC and San Francisco don’t have a thing on our kind people and gorgeous parks, plus we have a river – no seagulls or pigeons, no thank you!

We recently came across this fantastic video of the Nashville skyline growing right before our eyes, and we seriously can’t even believe it. The city is growing so intensely that it almost feels as if this video is our lives – right? Right. You have to watch this, share, and show everyone because Atmos Productions rocked this pretty Nashville skyline video WAY out of the park.

Nashville Skyline Growth from Atmos Productions on Vimeo.

In love yet? Are you moving to Nashville…? It’s only a matter of time, now. We’ll see you when you get here!