There’s A Restaurant Hiding Inside This Charming House In Nashville And You’ll Want To Visit

Fort Louise is Nashville’s newest culinary accomplishment, located in an old bungalow on the very edge of East Nashville. You may be used to us writing about wide open spaces and minimalist decor, but this is a space that exudes a sense of peace and comfort. You won’t walk inside and feel awkward about how “cool” you are – this is where you come to laugh and gossip and be fed. Bring your friends, come by yourself, it doesn’t matter. Just come and be at peace, even if just for a meal.

You can visit Fort Louise from Tuesday through Sunday, from 11am to 3pm for lunch on weekdays, and 5pm to 10pm for dinner service. They open earlier on the weekends (10am!), so keep that in mind as you plan a brunch date!

If you’re looking for a date NIGHT, per say, check out Rudy’s Jazz Room in downtown Nashville. It’s a true New Orleanian experience in the heart of Tennessee!