Leonard’s Pit Barbecue In Tennessee Has Been Serving Up Some Of The Best Food In The State For Nearly 100 Years

Leonard’s Pit Barbecue has served original, Memphis-style barbecue since its inception in the early 1920s. The once small and locally frequented spot has become a no-frills destination for meat lovers from as far as across an ocean. Come for slow-cooked pork, glazed ribs, and a series of catering options that are bound to make your next party a success. Learn more about this fabulous little eatery below. You may have just found a new favorite!

That’s one restaurant you don’t want to miss. The rave reviews from visitors have Leonard’s rating almost at a perfect 5 Google stars, and the internet is a tough crowd to please! Learn more about Leonard’s with a visit to its official website or Facebook page.

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Address: 5465 Fox Plaza Dr, Memphis, TN 38115, USA