10 Unforgettable Things To Do This Memorial Day In Tennessee…At No Cost

Memorial Day weekend is one of the most highly anticipated events of the year. It’s the coronation of summer, the beginning of ice cream cones and pool parties, and just the start of grilling out for months and months. It’s also, however, a day to remember the fallen and honor those who have served their country completely beyond self. Here in Tennessee, pride is found in the United States and those who made the greatest sacrifice. Here are a couple of places and ideas you can use to honor the fallen troops in a way the won’t break the bank.

10) Stones River National Battlefield and Cemetery – Murfreesboro: At 1:30pm on Sunday, you can attend the Memorial Day program at this historic site. You have the chance to experience the name reading of deceased veterans, a slew of patriotic music, and a wreath laying ceremony.

9) Cheatham County Veteran’s Memorial Day Ceremony – Ashland City: From 10-1 on Sunday, you can enjoy a free ceremony honoring the fallen at Riverbluff Park. After the festivities, there’s an honorary cookout for all attendees.  

8) Torch Light Tour – Chattanooga: This Sunday evening, take the ninety minute walk through the Chattanooga Cemetery honoring the fallen, beginning at 8:45 pm.

7) Scouts Honor Veterans Ceremony – Chattanooga: Saturday, May 23rd beginning at 8am the Boy Scouts of Chattanooga will lay a flag on every veteran’s grave in the Chattanooga Cemetery. Don’t miss the touching, stunning display. Events continue on site throughout the day.

6) Fort Negley Memorial Day Program – Nashville: Come to Fort Negley all day Saturday to enjoy a tour that is specially pointed towards those who have fallen for their country.

5) Flatrock Festival – Coleman Park: Visit the park for the Flatrock Festival, a time for everyone to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine in the land of the free. It runs from 10am – 4pm, Saturday and Sunday.

4) Lake Tansi Memorial Day Festival – Crossville: May 22-May 23 marks the Lake Tansi Memorial Day Festival, where you can bring the whole family early and stay late. There’s a Farmer’s Market, food venders and some of the best crafters in the state. Don’t miss out!

3) Watch A Movie: We know, you’re probably rolling your eyes – but really. Watch a movie that has to do with our star-studded past, our military men. “Pearl Harbor,” “Saving Private Ryan,” or “Black Hawk Down.” All movies that remind you and your loved ones about the sacrifices that were made for this great country.

2) Tell A Story: Talk to your kids about our history. Chat with them about grandparents or patriotism, tell them stories from your family or friends’ lives. Hollywood has nothing on true history – make sure your little ones know that.

1) Find A Park: Have a picnic, and revel in the beauty of your free country. Many men and women gave their lives to keep this nation how it is: the land of the free and the home of the brave.


From the most simplistic stories to events out and about town, you can have a magnificent Memorial Day weekend here in the Volunteer State. You just need to know where to start. If you have any interesting ideas for how to spend Memorial Day tell us about them in the comments below!