A Unique Man-Made Wonder In Southern California, The Burro Schmidt Tunnel Is Truly Fascinating

If you’ve never heard of the Burro Schmidt Tunnel in Southern California, now is your chance to get a glimpse of this historic passage carved deep within the El Paso Mountains in the Mojave Desert. And this isn’t just any ordinary tunnel. This hidden mining tunnel stretches a half-mile long and was carved out entirely by hand by a single person. It’s one of the most unknown man-made wonders in Southern California and deserves a bit of time in the sun. If you haven’t visited this unique tunnel in SoCal, we’d highly recommend planning a trip. Learn all about it below!

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What a bizarre story! Is this the first time you’ve heard of this historic passage in Southern California that was carved out completely by hand? Even if you’re not up for exploring inside this unique tunnel in SoCal, it’s quite the experience to see the surrounding area up close and in person so make it a day trip and go check it out.

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Address: Burro Schmidt Tunnel Rd, Randsburg, CA, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

Unique Tunnel in SoCal

June 05, 2020

Where can I hike to a cave in Southern California?

Southern California has quite a few caves to explore, whether you’re hiking in or experiencing them as a part of a historical tour. The Arroyo Tapiado Carrizo Badlands Mud Caves remains one of the largest known cave systems in the state and is located in the famed Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. If you’re looking for a cave that’s accessible for folks of all ages and levels, then head to the Lava Tube in the Mojave National Preserve. The light as it hits the cave floor is both a photographer’s dream and a perfect hiking view. The sandstone Vanalden Cave in Tarzana boasts historic carvings inside, and you can even bring your own flashlight to catch a better glimpse. If you’re looking for sea caves as opposed to desert treks, then make sure to check out the waterfront natural wonders at Leo Carillo State Beach in Malibu.

Can I hike to historical sites in Southern California?

A cave is its own form of natural history in Southern California. The nice thing about living in such a sunny place is that it makes it easy to trek a. four-season path, with the weather remaining good enough to adventure any month of the year. Crystal Cove State Park was once a high-end Hollywood getaway and has a series of historic cottages on the waterfront. It’s accessible by a small trail that runs from the main road to the beach and finishes in a staircase. The Pacific Crest Trail spans the western nation, and hiking Solstice Canyon or the Bridge to Nowhere puts you on par with hikers from days of yore.

Does Southern California have any natural wonders?

Yes, absolutely! Among the many is Joshua Tree National Park, known for its cacti and tree formations, and Zabriskie Point in Death Valley which is composed of a lake that dried up over 5 million years ago. The topography is both varied and almost eerie come sunset. Head to Point Dume in Malibu to see one of the most iconic rock formations along the beachfront. You may recognize it because it’s shown up in so many movies! The tufa spires known as the Trona Pinnacles can be found in the Mojave Desert, and the natural formations are a jaw-dropping sight to see.

Address: Burro Schmidt Tunnel Rd, Randsburg, CA, USA