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Southern California is full of surprises. And one of our favorite surprises is discovering this unique hotel tucked inside an undeniably popular national park to visit in Southern California — and in the entire United States, for that matter. With its historic setting and majestic surroundings, this breathtaking hotel is one overnighter you won’t soon forget. As you plan for your next vacation in Southern California, keep this unparalleled locale — one of the most amazing national park hotels in the US — on your list of must-visit sites.

What do you think of this hotel tucked inside a top-ranked national park to visit in Southern California? Pretty spectacular, huh?! If you’d like more information about The Ranch at Death Valley, which provides endless outdoor fun and scenic beauty, you can head to this website for additional details and booking policies. Or, if you’d like to recommend another top outdoor destination in Southern California, fill out our official Only In Your State nomination form.

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National Park To Visit In Southern California

Are there any other famous national parks in Southern California?

If you love natural beauty, Southern California is the place to be – and its abundance of outdoor spaces make this obvious, no matter how many times you’ve explored the area. While Death Valley is among the most famous national parks in Southern California, there’s one underrated spot that deserves a place on your bucket list: Channel Islands National Park, a brilliant expanse that consists of five islands, lovely trails, and shoreline beauty. You can read our article about Channel Islands to learn more about this must-see locale.

What are some of the best hiking trails in Southern California?

Outdoor exploration (and national parks) are typically accompanied by plenty of hikes, and Southern California has its fair share of spots to stretch your legs. Whether you consider yourself an expert hiker or more of a beginner, there’s sure to be a scenic trail in SoCal that captures your imagination. Offering everything from waterfront views to city access and everything in between, the most scenic trails in Southern California are well worth checking out.

What are the most exciting outdoor activities in Southern California? 

If hiking isn’t your only interest, you’ll be glad to learn that Southern California offers fresh-air experiences of all sorts. The region is rich with beauty and adventure, from waterfall vantage points to lush garden walks to swimming and birdwatching. Regardless of your preferred outdoor activity, you’ll find something to love when you check items off the ultimate outdoor bucket list for Southern California.

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