Visiting Southern California’s Upcoming Lavender Festival In Santa Barbara Is A Great Summer Activity

In Southern California, spring and summer months bring with them warm breezes, long days, and wildflowers. From the famous California poppies that spring up throughout the state to the yellow mustard blossoms that spread over hillsides, it is a beautiful time of year. In some parts of California, the climate resembles the Mediterranean, which allows for certain plants and flowers to flourish, one of which is celebrated at the Lavender Festival in Santa Barbara.

The Santa Barbara Lavender Festival will be a fun, relaxing, and aromatic event. Will you attend? What is your favorite summer festival in Southern California? Keep up with event news and updates on the festival website or Facebook page. If you love California flowers, check out SoCal’s Annual Poppy Festival!

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Address: Old Mission Santa Barbara 1786, 2201 Laguna St, Santa Barbara, CA 93105, USA